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Pixelation / Puzzling effect on certain channels


Pixelation / Puzzling effect on certain channels

Been having issues with certain channels doing the puzzling effect thing. Tried the system refresh thing to no avail. Spoke to CSR who tried to send a signal and he could not talk to the box. Waiting for a tech to call me back. This issue seems to have started 3 weeks ago when we had a major storm. I believe the Distribution Amp at the street might be the culprit. Internet is not affected at all. Just want to know what is an acceptable Downstream Power and SNR reading ? I am getting Qam256 with an SNR of -41.1 on tuner 1.


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Re: Pixelation / Puzzling effect on certain channels

SNR is fine but sometimes it is something that you can’t physically see in a diagnostics you have access to. Channels come in on different frequencies and something is impeding the signal of those channels you’re having an issue with. A refresh isn’t going to help and essentially it’s the same as unplugging the box. Check that the cables are tight and in good repair, remove any extra splitters and possibly have a tech out to troubleshoot further. It may be at the tap, it may be inside wiring

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