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Newer recordings missing first

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Newer recordings missing first

First my configuration: 2 x1 DVR boxes 500g each, one  non-DVR x1 box (for abut 2 years i think).  Which means I now have 120 hours of Cloud DVR also I  believe. 


Symptoms / Issue: About 1.5 to 2 months ago we noticed a newish recording (1 Month old) had disappeared (series finale of Instinct,  we had recorded the seies). DVR capacity was at 57%. Plenty of older recordings on our DVR hard drives. We set all our recordings to 'keep till space needed' and manage our DVR space so this never happens. Thought this was a safe process. 


What I think happened after investigation on this forum is that our Cloud DVR ran out of room  (not our local DVR ) and our 1 month old Instinct was the oldest IN THE CLOUD, so it was 'deleted'.


What I don't understand is why it was ALSO DELETED/DISAPPEARED from my LOCAL DVR???


This has continued to happen until I learned (I think) how the Cloud DVR works (very recently).


  I can live with it, IF and only if the Cloud is impacted and what the Cloud logic deletes leaves the local recordings alone. Then it would mean that only the last 120 hours of recorded shows are available on the Stream app. That's acceptable. 


But it seems some how the Cloud and local DVR  get 'synced '  .  (I am aware of 'keep for one year' option but that will not solve my issue).  If this is the standard way, I am now limited in space/time to 120 cloud hours and my 2 500g local HD DVR s ( and $10/month per box charge) are USELESS!  This is NOT acceptable!!!


Please advise. Thanks, Jack.