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How do I resolve RDK 03031 error

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How do I resolve RDK 03031 error

Got Xfinity installed recently; tv at main box as well as one tv on wireless connection are working fine, but the two TVs connected to regular cable boxes both stopped working now and are showing a message saying it can’t connect to the network and the code RDK 03031 in the lower right of the screen. I tried tightening cables, I got a box swapped at the local Comcast store today, I’ve restarted everything numerous change.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: How do I resolve RDK 03031 error

Try taking the cable off the wall plate, and put it back it’s a communication issue. Try unplugging main box and the 2 others, plug in the main box, let it go to live tv and plug in the others.

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