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HBO Max app

I've been using the HBO Max app for the last 3 - 4 weeks and I've noticed that it's not as easy to use as other apps (ie Prime Video or Netflix). Whomever is in charge of design, please note that: 


1) Landing page doesn't include "Continue Watching" or a saved watch list of any kind - so if I'm streaming a series, I have to go back to find it through Search every time I am back in the app. 

2) Close-captions have to be turned on every single time at the beginning of each new episode of the same series in the same watch session. 

3) Multiple episodes within a season scroll downward in a Z pattern instead of scrolling across to the right to infinity. Very confusing 

4) Next episode does not queue up and play automatically at the end. 


I hope some of these changes will be helpful. Thanks for listening/reading. 


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Re: HBO Max app

Comcast only provides a platform and programming interface. The actual app is written by the developers. For some reason, HBO didn't put all the features in the X1 version. Not sure whether that is due to limiations of the hardware/software, or restrictions on the agreement to carry it it.

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Re: HBO Max app

I noticed the same. I must say other than that, the app is great. 


Definitely expect these to be added within next few months.