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Getting Remote to do Power and Volume on TV

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Getting Remote to do Power and Volume on TV

A few days ago, my remote stopped doing the power button, volume, and tv input buttons for my Vizio TV. All of those buttons had been fine working earlier in the day, and we've had the same TV and remote working for years now. All the other buttons work just fine. I tried system refresh, system restart, re-pairing the remote, etc. Still didn't work. So, I figured that since it had all been working fine for years and wouldn't recognize it now all of a sudden that the remote had started to go out and stop working. Ordered a new remote through chat, and it got there last night. Tried to set this brand new remote up, but the same issue! All the remote works except volume, power, and TV input - I tried all the codes, all the everything again, and it still won't pair with it (it recognizes and finds the Vizio TV, but won't pair the power and volume). I'm not sure what else to try... so frustrating, especially since this is out of no where and everything had been working just fine for years.

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Re: Getting Remote to do Power and Volume on TV

Have you tried using the Vizio remote to see if it’s the tv that stopped working properly (and that there’s nothing in front of the tv’s remote sensor).?

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