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Fox news

Cannot see Fox News in my tv. Very suspicious. Every time I try I get a message saying they are having some trouble on our end. This channel isn’t currently available.... XRE 03059. I will have to consider cancelling this Xfinity for politically motivated blockage of Fox News. I am sick and tired of now trying to prevent me from watching a channel that I pay freaking xfinity a lot of money for a whole bunch of channels that I don’t even watch. It is time for me to try another company.
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Re: Fox news

Sorry to disappoint you but it’s no conspiracy. 03059 is a simple cable tuning error(an easy forum search will show you). Something between the tap outside and the cable box inside is impeding the channel Fox News comes in on. Every channel comes in on different frequencies, there may be other channels affected that you don’t watch or get. Check that your cables are tight and in good repair, remove any unnecessary splitters and possibly have a tech out to troubleshoot further.

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