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Error Code XRE-03010 and XRE-03121

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Error Code XRE-03010 and XRE-03121

I've been having problems with my X1 tv box. For about a week now, it will try to update in the morning/afternoon, then usually reach 45%, tries to power up with the Welcome screen and the screen saying "Give us a call" XRE-03010 comes up. The tv does not come back on. I've checked my cables, I've restarted the box, refreshed the system by app... nothing is working. 


When it was working, I'd also get the XRE-03121 error in the middle of watching something, numerous times a day. And the remote stopped working.


To add, the wifi home internet is kicking us off of our phones and PCs. Which started about a week ago as well. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.