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DVR Erasing Recordings

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DVR Erasing Recordings

I just replaced my X1 4k box last month after the old one started deleting my recordings at random.

Now the new box is doing the same thing! Movies and programs only a few weeks old are gone. In fact stuff has gone missing almost every day this week.


Plenty of space left. Only 30 percent filled. Shows are deleted even if I set them to save for 1 year. 


Tried rebooting several times. No change. Right now this box is erasing prgrams faster than I can watch them. Is there a fix for this?



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Re: DVR Erasing Recordings

Same thing is happening to me.  My DVR shows only 20% of space being used, but a number of shows are being deleted.  Following to see if anyone identifies a solution/fix.  Cannot locate a reason/setting on the x1 that results in this issue.

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Re: DVR Erasing Recordings

You should be able to get full credit for the DVR-functionality for every month it doesn't work.   Plus probably a bonus credit for the annoyance factor.     The more pleasant you are with the rep on the phone, the more bonus credit she can grant you.  


Your assumption that they are your recordings may not be correct.   Probably you are just renting the recordings and they would all "disappear" if you were to stop paying the extra monthly fee for DVR service. 


To own the recordings and control them as far as a consumer's digital-rights allow, you would have to buy a retail device that has its own storage for the recordings.