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Xfinity Stream TV Week 2019 - October 7th to October 13th


Xfinity Stream TV Week 2019 - October 7th to October 13th

From Monday, October 7th, through Sunday, October 13th, Xfinity customers will gain access to an expanded collection of free TV content on the Xfinity Stream app and web portal as part of the third annual Xfinity Stream TV Week.


With your Xfinity account credentials, you can view content via our Xfinity Stream website, or download the Xfinity Stream app from Apple App Store or Google Play for Android



Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have credentials? How do I find my credentials?

All Xfinity customers have a set of credentials that can log them into Stream. They are set up upon installation and also provide access to your Comcast e-mail account. Username and password can be found through the following link:


I don’t have a video subscription. Can I watch this content?

All you need are your Xfinity credentials and access to Xfinity Stream via app or web ( Please note that much of this content is only available during Stream TV Week through Sunday, October 13th. A video subscription will be needed afterward to continue enjoying a large portion of this content.


To add an Xfinity Stream TV package to your existing Internet account, see here:


I’m aware of this special content offering. How do I find it?

Log onto the Xfinity Stream website ( or download the app. Sign in with your Xfinity credentials. Xfinity Stream TV Week can be found on the home page.  


Is there a list of the content available?

To experience the full offering, we recommend you log-in to Xfinity Stream. The full content list can also be found attached to this post. The content available is comprised of both series and episodes specifically approved to be available for Xfinity Stream TV Week plus content that we term “Always on” that the networks have already made available and may remain available past Sunday, October 13th.


There are hundreds of episodes available to watch, here is just a sample of the offering:


AMC: The Walking Dead (Season 10 premiere)

Bravo: Below Deck (Season 7 premiere)

Comedy Central: Entire On Demand library including Crank Yankers, South Park, South Side

Fox: Almost Family, Bless the Harts, Prodigal Son

Lifetime: Entire On Demand library including Married at First Sight, The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders

NBC: Bluff City Law, Perfect Harmony, Sunnyside

VH1: Entire On Demand library including Basketball Wives, Black Ink Crew: Compton, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood


Please see attachment to this post for the full content offering. 


**NOTE**: The content offering is subject to change.


Am I able to watch live content during this event?

During StreamTV Week, SkyNews live channel, Cheddar News and Cheddar Business will be available. These channels are available at all times to all customers. Please remind customers that if they sign up for video they would be entitled to additional live content on the app and on their set-top box.


Can the content be viewed out of home?

Yes, this content can be accessed via the Xfinity Stream app and web from both inside and outside the home. Customers do not need a set-top box to view this content.


Can I watch event content on LG Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs or Roku during this event?

For Video customers: Yes, you’ll be able to sign-in and watch on customer-owned devices during the event. Please note the following: 

  • Must be in-home to sign-in and watch Xfinity Stream on Roku, Samsung or LG
  • Will have access to the content included in their regular TV service as well as all in-home content included in the event
  • TV Everywhere content, including ESPN3, is not available on customer-owned devices


For Internet-only, Non-Video customers: No, you cannot utilize Xfinity Stream Beta without a traditional video package.

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roku and stream tv week

I have internet only and I tried to use the roku app to view the available content during stream tv week. That fails telling me I need a "video subscription".  

If I use the flash app from a web browser, it works fine. I can view whatever content is available for free, including on-demand.


Why the restriction or maybe bug in the roku app?  Shouldn't it check for free limited time offerings like stream tv week?


Re: roku and stream tv week



Searching through old forum messages from 2017, I see that the Roku xfinity stream app was excluded back then. It's now 2019 and apparently roku is still excluded. Please consider noting the roku exclusion within the promotional ad that gets sent out!  In my opinion, Comcast should be protecting the content and not crippling the app that provides access to content!