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Wrong Forum ID


Wrong Forum ID

My forum ID is, and has been 'forever', anon86290.  Immediately below is an email I got from a Comcast employee that answered a question back in late 2018.


Hi anon86290,

ComcastChe (Official Employee) mentioned you in a post! Join the conversation below:

Re: X1 Volume Fluctuations Can't Be Solved?

The problem is that you will notice that today's question shows it's coming from a2903, not anon86290.  When I log in to my Comcast account, and then go to the forums, it automatically logs me into the forum as a2903, which is my dad's forum ID, not mine.

Even if I click on the "Re: X1 Volume...." email link, which was sent to me, with forum ID anon86290, it takes me to the wrong forum ID.

How can I get to my own forum ID to see all of the posts I've made under that ID?