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Chat with an agent doesn't work

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Chat with an agent doesn't work

How am I supposed to contact an agent when the chat is broken?


The Xfinity Assistant tells me "You're next in line. When you're ready, click the Start chat button to connect with a live agent." But when I press "start chat" it just shows a blank screen.


It used to work.

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Re: Chat with an agent doesn't work

Chat with agent does not worth for me either. 

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Re: Chat with an agent doesn't work

Samr thing, I press "Start Chat" in the "Xfinity Assistant" window. Chatbot replies "Got it. I'll put you in touch with a live agent now.". But nothing happens. waiting for hours for an agent

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Re: Chat with an agent doesn't work

Hi @inigo @Daphne94043 @BishopsPond ,


Can we first isolate the issue and ensure it's not caused by your browser cache?


  1. - try opening the same page in Private/Incognito mode, or on a different browser (e.g. firefox). If it works in any of those situations, clear your cache
    1. Mobile phone:
      1. Instructions for Apple
      2. Instructions for Android
    2. Desktop browser:

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