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Account is incomplete

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Account is incomplete

I signed up for internet last Thursday. I never received order confirmation nor a tracking number. When I sign into my account it says 'Thanks for  your purchase', then 'Accessing your account' with a bunch of personal info.


Phone support is useless. I cannot use the online automated chat. It wants to verify my account. Using both my phone number and email, it says 'that information does not match our records', even though I just signed in with that email...


I can't login to the email, it just loops me back to the search engine and news.


I found this thread:

But I can't even follow the solution because BOTH the email and phone two-step verifications do not work.


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Re: Account is incomplete



When you purchased your services, did you complete the account creation process using your mobile phone number? Try signing in the mobile number as your Xfinity ID and let me know if that works. Cheers! 


I also PM'ed you.

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