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Camera Motion Push Notifications

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Camera Motion Push Notifications

I have some good news! We have rolled out the ability to receive motion notifications from supported Xfinity Home Cameras.


Supported models are the iCam2, xCam, and xCam2.  The feature is enabled through our Xfinity App (previously called the xFi App).  


Here are all of the details:


Understanding Motion Notifications

Motion Notifications send a notification to your phone each time your Xfinity Camera detects motion. You can turn notifications on or off for any or all of your cameras and you can specify the type of activity (People Only or All Events) that triggers a notification.

To expand the camera thumbnail, press and hold the notification (iOS) or press the notification with two fingers (Android).

Tap the alert to open your camera’s live view.


Turn Notifications On or Off

  1. Grant permission for the Xfinity app to send notifications in your phone’s settings, if necessary.
  2. Sign in to the Xfinity app.
  3. Verify that push notifications are enabled.
  4. Select the Home tab.
  5. Scroll down to the desired camera and select the camera thumbnail.
  6. On the camera screen, select the gear icon on the upper-right.
  7. Select Notifications.
  8. Select the On/Off switch to turn on notifications.
  9. Select which events you’d like to trigger a notification: People Only or All Events.

Multiple Cameras? Repeat these steps to turn on notifications for each camera.

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