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Sports on Demand does not show full event

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Sports on Demand does not show full event

Yesterday I wanted to watch the FIS Women's Downhill Alpine ski race from Bansko, Bulgaria on X1 "On Demand".  What I saw was -

- 2 minutes from Bansko announcing the race had been delayed

- a 30 minute show with 2 women pretending to be training for the olympics

- approx 15 minutes showing a gentleman who dyes his beard and cheers for Canadian curling teams

- and finally, the first 19 and 1/2 (it finished in the middle of the 20th competitors run) skiers out of fifty starters.

I had to watch the first 45 minutes to get to the curtailed skiing.  "On demand", in this instance, does not allow fast forwarding.

In the 1980's, I owned a VHS-VCR.  I would sometimes set the VCR to record shows, and if the show or event was delayed, would get the same type of result that Comcast gets now.  (Although I would have the ability to fast forward through the parts I didn't want to see. )

However, technology has evolved, and I would have hoped for the money I pay comcast, they would have advanced beyond the 1980's.  But apparently not.


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Re: Sports on Demand does not show full event

Use pg up to advance instead of fast forward. Comcast isn’t responsible for the content given

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Re: Sports on Demand does not show full event

Thanks for the hint about using page up to fast forward.  Not particularly intuitive (the fast forward button on the remote would seem to make more sense), and it only seems to work in 10 minute chunks, but at least it does work.


This morning a new version of the same event showed up on on demand.  It actually shows an edited version of the event with at least the top finishers and does not have the irrelevant 45 minutes at the start.  I don't know whether this would have happened in the normal course of events, or whether it was a reaction to my 1/2 hour back and forth with comcast's very pleasant but utterly incapable support staff yesterday (they didn't know about the "page up to fast forward" thing), but at least it appears to have some relationship to what I was looking for yesterday.