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On demand error code cl 17

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On demand error code cl 17

Our on demand has been out for about a month. I have already tried all the trouble shooting, such as unplugging the box, restarting the box, restarting the modem. The initial answer to this seems to be that the box is too old, however, ours is less than 2 years old. We do not have a dvr or tivo.


On the few forum threads regarding this that have a solution, the problem seems to stem from some sort of filter work on the outside. My husband mentioned he did see an Xfinity truck and a worker up on the pole on our immediate neighborhood right before we initially noticed this.  Can other customers that have had this issue chime in on this?


And, would it be possible for someone from Xfinity to contact me regarding looking at this as a solution? I really don't want to spend hours on the phone or chat when this might be as easy a fix as a tech coming out and adjusting a filter on the pole. Thank you!

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Re: On demand error code cl 17

I've been trying to get this figured out since July. Good luck. I was told there was an update the last time I was actually able to be transferred to tech. The update doesn't work with the old box. Took me several more calls to get a box shipped to me. Have the new box and nothing works now. Totally ready to drop them for good even though we have been a customer for more than 20 years. Fed up!