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HBO On Demand

Subscribed to HBO to watch Hard Knocks. Once I subscribed, all the HBO channels worked instantly. Browsed through some on-demand shows & movies, turns out shows will play but I tried a movie and it tells me that I have to subscribe to HBO. Did a system restart the next day, no change. Anyone know why shows would play but movies can't seem to recognize that I AM subscribed?

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Re: HBO On Demand

Hi there,


Please double check that you do indeed have HBO Enabled for your X1 Service as an add-on by going to , if you see it, try removing it, confirming your choice (if required), then add it back on.


Then, go to your X1 Box, and say "System Refresh" into the voice remote and continue with the steps on screen. If you have any issues, please let me know. (:

Happy to help!