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GH episodes April 1-9 2020?

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GH episodes April 1-9 2020?

I have 2 non-x1 boxes and old crt tv's (in case there's a difference). Just when we need it, with channel 6 pre-empting episodes of GH every blessed day in order to allow for covid-19 updates from govt officials, there has been no episode of GH added to the TV On Demand lineup since the 3/31 episode #57243. The new episodes appear on the Stream App but not on TV. Anyone know what's going on?
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Re: GH episodes April 1-9 2020?

I came on here looking for same answer, why General Hospital is not updated in the On Demand folder. We are mising episodes in Boston area as well due to the COVID-19 updates. 

Kindly get new episodes updated, the last one posted in mine is March 31. I never seen this happen before & this is worst time to have have favorite content unavailable. 

Thank you in advance Xfinity!