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Amazon subtitles freezing on smart TV

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Amazon subtitles freezing on smart TV

I am having a problem where the subtitles (e.g., in a foreign TV show or movie) for Amazon prime (which I stream through my Comcast wifi) will freeze on my smart TV. In other words, we'll be watching the show and the video and audio will continue but the subtitling will freeze and stop. Once that happens it seems to disable the stop, pause and return functions for about a minute. Once I am able to return to the episode screen, and click "resume" it will start back up from the point when the subtitling froze. This sometimes happens every 4-5 minutes. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Amazon subtitles freezing on smart TV

Since you are only using Comcast internet and the Amazon Prime app on your smart tv and not through Comcast equipment, you should be troubleshooting through Amazon.

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