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Trouble with voice mail notification on land line

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Trouble with voice mail notification on land line

Prior to switching to Xfinity 1 on January 22, 2020, if I was on a call and a new call was coming in, I would hear a beep but the call I was on would not be disconnected.  If a caller left a new voice mail my phone notification light would blink.  If there were new messages, when I picked up my phone to make a call, there would be 3 beeps indicating that there was a new voice mail before I heard the dial tone.


Now If I’m on a call and a new call is coming in, I do not hear the beep indicating that there’s a new caller and the call I’m on sometimes will disconnect.  There is no notification light blinking on my phone indicating that there is a new message.  If I pick up the phone to make a call and there are new voicemail messages I do not hear 3 beeps, then the dial tone.  The only way I can tell if I have new voicemails is to call into the service with *99.  I do receive notice on the tv screen when a call is coming in.  I do receive notice on the tv screen when a voice mail has been left.


Based on the information I’ve located on the internet, I’m wondering if the switches for my phone service are set correctly.  Some indicate I should have what is called "Stutter Dial Tone" (SDT) or "Message Wait Indicator" (MWI) set up in the switch that facilitates my voice mail.  The suggestion is to request that you activate or enable your SDT/MWI.


The instructions for my specific Uniden land line phone says it supports voice mail services that use frequency shift keying for the message notification signal.  Although my phone does have the option of using it’s message service I have that turned off.


I scheduled a call appointment with you to speak with a technician on 3 occasions, but at the scheduled time when the call came in, when I answered it no person was there – just an automated voice, then nothing so I couldn’t resolve my issues that way.


Can you please check this out to make sure the phone voice mail messaging service is set correctly.