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Text Messaging From my Windows PC Stopped Working

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Text Messaging From my Windows PC Stopped Working



I used to be able to send and receive Text Messages for many years from my Windows PC via Xinity Connect using my main Comcast email account with the Xfinity Triple Play phone number asigned to my home ... up until the planned Xfinity Email Maintanence Outage of a few hours on Saturday October 19th.


This was from the online Xfinity Connect page where I check my Comcast Voice Call History and Voicemail online.


Since Saturday the 19th, the Text Messaging portion of Xfinity Voice Connect is no longer working for me anymore. Now, when I select "Text" from selections offered at the top of that page, a new screen I've never seen before appears:


Xfinity Connect Text Messaging - Assgn a Text Messaging Number: Log into the

Xfinity My Account website, then click on the Email & Voice Settings link to

enable Voice2Go.


I checked my Voice2Go Settings and it is enabled with my main phone number selected (like it has always been before, when things were working fine).


Two screen shots are shown below of what I just described above.


I also tried a voice modem reset by logging into My Account where I requested a reset and check of my voice modem and the Xfinity System Test came back with no issues found (after the voice modem reset ) . My voice phone service appears to be working okay as usual.  Any help with restoring my Xfinity Connect Texting capabilites from my Windows PC would be greatly apprecicated.   Thank you.


Voice Connect Voice2Go Screen Settings Screen.jpgVoice Connect Text Message Screen Shot.jpg


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My Text Messaging Stopped Working from All Devices

UPDATED 27Oct2019:  @Comcast_Support As an addendum to my Original Posted Message, I've since tried to Text by signing onto my Xfinity Connect page from my Android Mobile Device's Browser and also 2 different neighbor's PCs who each use different Browsers (Chrome and Edge) but to no avail.  I still get the exact same results (or lack thereof) as seen from my PC's Firefox Browser, i.e no access to Xfinity Connect Text Messaging.


Also FWIW, I'm getting a Voice2go Error V2G_10005 when attempting to create a Secondary Account Voice2go Phone Number (only as a test ... don't really need a second Voice2go number) , but this may be a helpful clue as to what might be wrong.   Would really like to get the the Texting Messaging feature on my Primary Account (using the Xfinity main account home phone number) working again .... used to work fine up until recently.


Really hate to phone Support as I'm hard of hearing and hope someone here on the forums might know what could be happening?

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Re: My Text Messaging Stopped Working - UPDATE

UPDATED 08Nov2019:


@Comcast_Support Latest update of the issue can be found here: