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Username on Xfinity forums

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Username on Xfinity forums

I had a username for this forum which I have used for a while.  Today when I clicked on a summary email (to see topic updates), I was prompted to input a new username.  I wasn't logged in (that I knew of), and I was unable to go anywhere on the forum.

I tried logging in, but then was still directed to input a username.  So I made one up, which is now listed as "visitor".

So now I get an email update that some "visitor" with the new username made a post, and this is sent TO MY OLD USERNAME!

I saw other topics about usernames, and none have been answered.  This is not rocket science! 

Why can't Comcast fix this?  It's just a simple username associated with an email address -- and now apparently, I have 2 ???

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Re: Username on Xfinity forums

So I think this is my other username.  Apparently Xfinity assigned me 2, to 2 different emails.  But I was NOT logged in!  I just clicked on an email update, and then it asked for a new username.  It wouldn't let me access the forum.


How can I delete the new username, and keep the old one?

This question has been asked elsewhere on the forum, and I have not seen an answer!

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Re: Username on Xfinity forums

Nope... it's now using my new username which is with my other Comcast email address, that I don't want to use here.


How do I delete this new username, and go back to my old one, which is on the email address I want to use?



Re: Username on Xfinity forums



We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing trying to track down your preferred username, I am happy to help.


For privacy reasons, can you please private message me with your preferred username and the associated email (if you can remember it)?

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