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Emoticon issue still ongoing


Re: Emoticon issue still ongoing

Susan, so sorry it didn't work for you. I would suggest trying it one more time? I'm hoping it works for some others at least. Such a frustrating issue!


Re: Emoticon issue still ongoing


I never even thought about that!  But, I want to add something to the solution, kind of an "add-on" if you will.


The tech had you use Ctrl and your scroll wheel, but it also works with Ctrl and the + [plus] key to enlarge your screen or Ctrl and the - [minus] key to shrink your screen [not the window, just the viewable screen].  So, you don't need to actually open a Compose window.  They had you do that so that you could see the results for your emoticons.


So, good call on the tech's part!!!


FWIW, I rarely use Connect webmail.  I use Thunderbird which has an emoticon add-on, but this is on a Windows machine; Chromebooks  [basic] don't have the ability to install programs, so that would limit anyone using a Chromebook, unless you have an internal hard drive, which I think some of the more expensive Chromebooks might have.


DGM1948, thanks for posting that solution!

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Re: Emoticon issue still ongoing



 I did try to post it to you but it did not work. If you right click an email, the first thing that comes up is "Emoji"  when you click on that, it pulls up the emoticons. 

 💕👛👘🐦🐹🐈🐱😈 It still did NOT work for me. 

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Re: Emoticon issue still ongoing

I tried what you said. It only took a short time.  I now have most of my emoticons in color and a few are in black.  But at least I have some to use now.  After all this time.  So thank you, Thank you, so very much.