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Requesting a month of credit due to a 144 hour outage

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Requesting a month of credit due to a 144 hour outage

I work from home and rely on the internet for work, but I havent been able to work, and wont be able to this week due to an outage. I get a storm causing an outage happens, but for you to come out and admit you aren't working on it, and will not until saturday is unacceptable. Due to this I cant pay my electricity bill, let alone my internet bill, or even buy food this week. I am going to lose over 600$ because of this. You cant tell me it's because of the snow that you cant work on it, at&t had an outage too because if the snow, but they fixed it in 2 hours. Also if snow is the major factor from getting this fixed, are you telling me Alaska or any snowy place like cant have internet? I appreciate getting credit for the time down, but how do you expect me to pay my bill now? Theres a good chance I'm not going to be able to eat this week, because you dont want to fix your outage.

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