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Installation Fee for the self install kit

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Installation Fee for the self install kit

I really was a fan xfinity but this issue has changed my mind. I was with Xfinity then went over to Uverse and now I’m back because I wanted faster Internet speeds mainly and a better price. I received my self install kit very quickly which was awesome. I tried to install on the 4th of February no luck tried all outlets nothing ok no biggie these things happen , get on the chat with support , Go through everything ohh your service isn’t scheduled to start until the 7th , Ok not a problem I say . On the 7th same thing chat support again ohh we need to do the phone verification to port your number, Ok wish we could of done 3 days ago but.. it’s ok do the verification and then ask how long before the service is active ohh it’s going to work on 10th, Great thank you. Welp the 10th came and still not working chat another tech who tells me I have to call the support line . Ok call the line to be told ohh a tech needs to come out to complete the install . I’m fine with that up until I’m told it’s 100 dollars for the tech to ensure that the line coming into the house works. I’m confused on two levels it’s took 6 days to get to the send a tech out part of the plan and if the issue is outside of my home why am I paying for that? In my home completely understand outside confused by that one. In reality is it possible to actually self install the modem without paying a tech 100.00
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Re: Installation Fee for the self install kit

Hello and Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having a great start to the week! I also appreciate you taking a moment out of your day to reach out to us on our Community Forums! You’ve reached the best place and perfect person to help with virtually all of your account needs! Going forward, I'm truly sorry to hear about the experience you've had so far in regard to activating your services as it's never the situation we'd like for any of our customers to have. I would be pretty upset in your shoes as well. The fact that you made the choice to come back to us is something we value very much and I'd like to see what we can do to help with the install fee you have received to make this right! To get the ball rolling on this process, please send us a private message by clicking my name "ComcastJosephW" then select "Send a Message" on the right side with your name and service address to get started. Thanks again for both your time and interest!

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