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I am pretty sure I paid for 1GB UNLIMITED internet plan

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I am pretty sure I paid for 1GB UNLIMITED internet plan

I got an email for the first time this month. Also, this is showing on my account:


"Data Usage NoticeStarting January 1, 2021, we've introduced a new 1.2 Terabyte (TB) (1229 GB) Internet Data Plan for all Xfinity Internet customers. You have used more than 1.2 TB of data in January, but will receive a complimentary bill credit for any data overage charges incurred for usage through May. Overage charges will begin in June, but you will still have one courtesy credit, which is available under the plan the first time you exceed 1.2 TB."


I want to dispute this because on the contract I am paying for the 1GB UNLIMITED which was the promotion when I first signed. I am disappointed that they changed it and now we have to pay extra for unlimited? I am disputing this and this is absurd. This is the first time I am getting this notification and email. I did not signed up just so xfinity could add extra charges to my account. Someone needs to fix this or im out of here. I am sure another company would want my money. I SIGNED UP FOR 1GB UNLIMITED PLAN. This notification and email I am getting, I am only getting it after Jan 1st. I did not change or alter my plan. Fix this.

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Re: I am pretty sure I paid for 1GB UNLIMITED internet plan

So first you can check if you have unllimited by looking on your account it will say 800gb of Unlimited vs 800gb of 1.2TB.


Second depending on where you live, the Datacap just started in Jan and is waived thru Feb so this is the first time you would get these notices.


Third, No one is happy with the data cap so if you have options, by all means protest by leaving.  I wish I could.  I will be looking at Starlink once my neighbors prove it out for me 😉