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Broken Pedestal - NO solution

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Broken Pedestal - NO solution

I called to inform comcast that there is no pad under the pedestal by my house. They promptly had 811 come out to spray for lines and then another independant contractor came out to spray for more lines. I was confused as nothing needed to be dug. So i called again and they said no worries, someone will come out on August 3rd. A different contractor came out a few days before to dig and bury new lines. This is when i knew wires got crossed ( no pun intended). So i called again to clarify, they assured me everything was fine and the appointment was still august 3rd. No one came, as you would expect. 


I've tried to call and follow up, but no one can contact the "dispatch team." Can we please have this resolved ASAP? Trying to help you maintain your equipment. Original ticket # 051326731. Saw at this link, @ComcastMichael was able to resolve it?