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channel lineup

what is the channel lineup for the sports and entertainment package zip code 17512

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You can log in to and view your current channel lineup at  If you want specific bundle channel lineups, go to  For the Sports and Entertainment package, it is unavailable on the web site according to a Chat representative:


"This is a sidegrade and the channels are different for every area so the channel lineup is not available on the website. Only the channel lineup of the main package will show up on the website."


They will, however, type in the chat the package 20+ channel lineup for specific zip codes .  You just have to escape the chatbot by typing 'agent' and get a live agent.


Aman 8:32:25 AM
The channels are:
CMTV (Country Music Television)
OUTD (Outdoor Channel)
ESP (ESPNEWS)ESP (ESPN Goal Line and Bases Loaded)
TCM (Turner Classic Movies)
CBSSN (CBS Sports Network)
SPR (The Sportsman Channel)
NHL (NHL Network)
MLBN (MLB Network)        
BIG (Big Ten Network)TVGSD (TV Games Network SD)
NFL (NFL RedZone)
CIN (Crime & Investigation Network)
MILH (Military History Channel)
PAC12 (Pac-12 Network)
NBA (NBA TV HDTV)CBS (CBS Sports Network HD)
Joe V
(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)