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Why is MSNBC always a problem??????

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Why is MSNBC always a problem??????

At least once a week, we have a problem where we can't view MSNBC. I like to watch it before work in the am, and when I get home. 

Frankly, at $250 per month, I shouldn't have to endure a 10 minute system reboot, once per week, particularly when all other station are working!!!!


To make matters worse, MSNBC is owned by COMCAST!!!!! This situation is causing me to watch your competitors!!!!! 


I am certain Mr. Roberts would not like to hear this. I have been fighting with this for at least two years. Even with new boxes, we have the same problem.

I am ready to cancel the contract and fight it as far as I need to so as to not pay any penalites.


FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!! It is well known on forums and Comcast seems to be unable to fix it. Then, let me out of my contract!!!!!

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Re: Why is MSNBC always a problem??????

It is a well known problem as MSNBC is on a low frequency that can easily be affected by noise/interference/low signal. It’s also well known that box refreshes/restarts and box replacements aren’t the cure, just a step in troubleshooting. Check all your cables, remove any extra splitters and possibly have a tech out to troubleshoot further. There’s probably more channels affected and you don’t realize it

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