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VERY FRUSTRATED with the SERVICE of this company !!

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VERY FRUSTRATED with the SERVICE of this company !!

I understand that things are difficult and people are transitioning to working from home.  I am too but I will tell you that there are alot of elderly people that do not have the ability to access the internet to get questions anwerer.  NOT EVERYONE is computer savy.  Luckily my parents have me to help out but at this point I am thoroughly frustrated.  I have spent the last  hour and a half online trying to get anwers to some questions .  The main one is to WHY has Starz  been removed from the HD Complete XF  package offered by Xfinity ?  This package is to include  — TV, Internet and voice package that includes 260+ digital and HD channels — including HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, TMC and the Sports Entertainment Package.


I was told several things as to why ...


1. xfinity is in contract negotiations and that is why is off

2. We can add it back in for  $8.99 a monthy

3. Call our Loyalty line and they can help ( this was BOGUS and the number give was to someone not even affilated to Xfinity ) 

Senior citizens are our most vulnerable right now and most are trapped in their homes and most likely their only entertainment is the TV. 


WHY WOULD XFINITY change the plans NOW , Why are the costs rising MONTHLY - in the last 7 months my parents bill has increased  $35 and they have NOT changed their service but have LOST  channels.  Most of the elderly are on fixed incomes.  These increases hurt them.

In the Aliquippa area where they live unfortunately they have no choice , xfinity is their only option . In fact they have been customers of comcast/ Xfinity since CABLE was created back in the '70's  .. it is terrible that they give NEW subscribers discounts and keep raising the bills of the LOYAL customers. 


ALL I want to do is TALK to a person on the phone to discuss their bill and I cannot. I get people out of the country that have a script and cannot deviate from that script.  I was told once before when they had an issue to ask for the Pittsburgh office .. I cannot even do that . I get, use the internet options first.  silence then GOOD BYE .. thanks for contacting Xfinity services.  What happes when I cannot get it resolved with the internet ..


If anyone else has elderly parents that are experiencing the same issues I think we need to make XFINITY aware.   This is my Dad's account and he is not aware that I am  posting this but he is ALSO frustrated.  The reason I am online is becasue he could not get anyone to answer his calls.



Cheryl  Pollock ( daughter of Customer)


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Re: VERY FRUSTRATED with the SERVICE of this company !!

Hi there, @rnpollock


I would love to help you and your parents out. I can answer your questions and do my best to help out. I know it has been a couple of months since you first made your post, but I wanted to touch base and make sure you were helped. Can you please private message me your full name? Thank you for posting to our forums. 
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