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Can you tell me why, I have been able to search for and watch OUTLANDER up to the end of season 3 using my regular X1.  No more than 3 seasons show up when I search.  I know there are 5 or more seasons available on StarZ. Why can't I get them? Do I have to add Starz to my account?  If so, how do I do that.  I've tried but can't find a way.

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Re: StarZ

It does appear you have to have a subscription to a given network to access all seasons of a program.  My wife and I bing watched Outlanders and the White Queen, but I was suddenly unable to get to the White Princes or any other Starz programs.  I had cancelled Starz since it is no longer included in any Xfinity packages, just before watching the White Princes.  Lost access to recent seasons of Outlander as well.  We'll reacivate when the next season of Outlanders is to air.