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Sports & Entertainment upgrade - TV equipment needed

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Sports & Entertainment upgrade - TV equipment needed

I recently upgraded to the Sports & Entertainment package so that I could continue viewing TCM on both of my television sets.  Since the upgrade to sports & entertainment, I can only view TCM on the television that has a on demand tv box. My other television uses a non-demand box (adapter).


From what I've read on the Xfinity site, the adapter is not capable of viewing the channels included in the sports & entertainment package, such as TCM, is that correct?


I currently pay $9.67 for equipment for my two television sets -  a $6.99 charge and a $2.98 charge.  Can I exchange the adapter for an 2nd on-demand box without being charged additional money for that exchange?


I don't need on demand on the 2nd television, but only want to be able to view TCM, since now I'm paying extra money each month to access it. It does not appear to be possible unless I replace the equipment.