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Questions about how Basic Cable works

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Questions about how Basic Cable works

I have a X1-Triple Play package now - and want to (need to) trim down the cost (over $200!) so what I'm wondering are these things:

With Basic Cable package (or even extended Basic):

  1. Can I get my local channels (networks)? (Rather where do I find a list of what's included and for what cost for the two 'basic' packages?)
  2. If I have basic cable - and a Roku stick - would I be able to get things like the cable news networks on my Roku stick with the Xfinity Streaming App for Roku?  (Or, do I have to 'pay' for it via my cable subscription in order to get access to these types of channels that I could normally log in to on my Roku using a login for my TV provider).
  3. I've found that I can get a good number of other channels I normally like to watch using different 'services' like Frndly TV, Hulu Live etc on my Roku - so I want to pay only for what I really need (Local channels / news, community channels etc) with Basic cable and just 'add on' the other channels I want through services - as I believe this will be cheaper for me, plus I don't have the added confusion of all the extra channels I don't use with the 140+ or 220+ channel packages offered.  What other options are there? 
  4. I also have my internet through xfinity - and want to know what is the best speed to have (lowest best possible) for streaming TV - which is basically all I use it for and email/online shopping etc.
  5. Has anyone used Xfinity for the Security service?