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Problem with NFL Red Zone


Problem with NFL Red Zone

Since the start of NFL season, the HD version of the NFL Red Zone channel has been constantly affected with audio dropouts and video noise (pixelation, etc.) making the channel almost unwatchable.  This does not seem to be a problem with the standard def channel.


It is still a problem today (9/22/19).  I reported this issue to Comcast last week and a very nice support rep sympathized with my problem, and he said the same complaints had been heard in Seattle and in California (I'm in Oregon).  He suspected it was a problem with the HD feed from whover supplies the Red Zone to Comcast, and promised to report it back up the chain to get it fixed.  He even rewarded me with some coupons for my trouble.


All of this is well and good, and terrific customer support.  But one week later and the problem still exists.  If an Xfinity support person monitors this forum, could you please find out the status of this issue?


If others are having the same problem, would you report them here.  Perhaps if the complaints are visible enough, something will happen.  We are paying extra for this package, and it would be nice if it worked as least as well as it did last year.