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Peacock password reset

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Peacock password reset

Peacock recognizes  our user id but we don't remember the password from months ago.  Have requested several times to have an email sent to reset the password to no avail.  The "chat" option is useless as it comes up with automatic responses only as soon as you mention "peacock".  When I got through to customer service, I was explaining my problem and the call was cut off.


We've checked our junk/spam folder - nothing there.  We don't have another email address.  Anybody have a solution?  Is there a way to delete Peacock entirely and restart it?



Just reading on Xfinity that because we have X1 that Peacock should just recognize our email address (which it does) on our tv and a password isn't required.  Except it asks for it and won't go anywhere without it.  Am I missing something that I'm supposed to do, some little detail?  I actually don't remember if we ever gave Peacock a password, I just remember looking for it this past summer to see what it was.