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NFL Red Zone and Sports Package

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NFL Red Zone and Sports Package

Has anyone who doesn't have an X1 box been able to get the Sports Package / NFL Red Zone added to their account. I've had a cable card/Tivo setup for years and always was able to get it. Recently changed my bundle and temporarily removed the Sports Package (because of COVID and a lack of sports) and now I can't get it back unless I do 1 of 2 things:


1. Remove my cable card from the account and use Stream Beta via Roku only, or

2. Add an X1 box to my account and order through that.


I find it hard to believe and/or ridiculous that this is the case. They even acknowledged that this is new policy, has nothing to do with channels going IP, and if you already had the Sports Package on your account this change won't affect you (grandfathered). As usual, nobody told me this when I removed it or changed bundles.


Any help here or advice?