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HITZ instead of Cinemax is terrible

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HITZ instead of Cinemax is terrible

It's smoke and mirrors. "Hey we're taking away the Cinemax channels and replacing it with On-Demand content you could already have watched without needing HITZ. Oh, but we're not reducing your bill by $12/month. However, you can elect to pay us $12 more a month to have Cinemax back."

HITZ On-Demand is terrible, lame, and you masquerade it like they're 3 new movie channels by showing them in the channel guid as showing various movies. Yet, when we click on them we're taken to the On-Demand menu.


Dump HITZ and give us back Cinemax.

Oh and now you're making changes to STARZ as well. Quit taking away channels. Invariably what you replace them with is of less value to us for the monthly bill than what we had.