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Channel Lineups are Different on Computer and TV

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Channel Lineups are Different on Computer and TV

I noticed about 2 weeks ago that the channel lineup associated with my account for Streaming is different than the lineup for my TV service. When I called customer service, they said that my modem was bad and that was causing the lineup discrepency. After they tried to fix the modem remotely, I lost phone service for 3 days until the Technician could come out and determine that the modem was fine, signal strength was good, and that the provisioning was wrong. They had removed the modem from my account, then added it back, but did not provision the numbers again. Now that I have phone service back, I'm hesitant to call customer service again.


However, I still have a channel lineup discrepency which prevents me from streaming my local channels (even when connected to my home network).


Logging in to my regular account shows the wrong channel lineup, but if I ask it to search by my address, it will show the lineup which matches my TV.


Any advice?

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Re: Channel Lineups are Different on Computer and TV

Comcast cannot get any lineup correct. It is wrong online for me too and has been for years. I was told it will be corrected for TWO YEARS! They can't get the TiVo lineup right either. I am calling corporate again. Years of this. Why Comcast do we not have accurate lineups on device guide and online when viewing account lineup, and streaming? ENOUGH!

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Re: Channel Lineups are Different on Computer and TV

Thank you for reaching out here on our forums. Please feel free to reach back out and create another post if you still need assistance.


Thank you 

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