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Can I Trade Hitz for Cinemax?

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Can I Trade Hitz for Cinemax?

I have the X1 Premier package. I noticed Comcast has unsubscribed me from Cinemax and gave me a service called Hitz. This Hitz on demand service is very poor, all old movies. Hitz lineup looks like somebody's old VHS collection, not interested at all. Since Comcast values Cinemax and Hitz the same ($12 per mo), can I just get back what I signed up for. Give me back Cinemax and disable Hitz. Should be a easy swap, no price difference. I am excited to get Cinemax back and have Hitz removed. Thank you in advance for valuing my, your customer's, needs.

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Re: Can I Trade Hitz for Cinemax?

Short answer: no, they won't.  Because this isn't a swap.  It's a cash grab.  You see, Hitz is actually owned by Comcast.  It doesn't cost them a dime to offer it.  By contrast, they were paying to offer you Cinemax.  By taking away a (really good) movie channel you actually liked, and substituting a (really poor) channel that's free to them, while charging you the same monthly fee, they pay less and make more profit.  But they're hoping you like Cinemax enough to pay an extra $10/month for it, because then they'll be soaking you for even more money than the already-outrageous amount you're currently paying.


This is brought to you from the same executive boardroom that just infuriated millions of Turner Classic Movie viewers by moving TCM to their Sports Entertainment package in a move dizzying in its anti-customer cynicism.  Consider: most classic movie lovers are not sports junkies, and vice-versa.  By charging an extra $10/month for this "package" (maybe we should instead call it a "cluster" since this practice evokes the familiar two-word obscenity beginning with that word), Comcast forced each group - sports watchers and classic movie watchers - to subscribe and pay extra for channels they don't want and will never watch, while Comcast rakes in extra profits.


See how this works now?  If you really wanted TCM AND Cinemax, they didn't cluster them TOGETHER.  Oh no.  They put them in separate clusters so you can pay an extra $10/month for EACH OF THEM.


This is what Comcast has become.  And this is why I am working with my state's regulatory commission and state legislature to get Comcast's franchise REVOKED in my area, and have the region re-bid under terms more acceptable to the subscriber base.