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Promotional discount not applied on 1 year internet deal...

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Promotional discount not applied on 1 year internet deal...

I just signed up for the current $39.99 per month deal in my local Xfinity store this week on a new account having closed my families old account due to the unfortunate death of the account holder.


I was assured MULTIPLE times that the $10 per month discount (for doing BOTH auto pay AND paperless billing) would apply. Color me unsurprised when I go to check my bill and see $49.99 staring back at me.


So....where's my discount? I was promised $39.99 a month for a year, which was advertised all over (TV, radio, etc). 


If I'm not getting the discount then I'm turning off auto pay and paperless billing. Situations like this is why I like having everything in writing.

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Re: Promotional discount not applied on 1 year internet deal...

Hello @SoMuchForADeal and thank you for reaching out to us via our Forums. First of all I would like to say our deepest condolences for the loss of your loved one and my heart goes out to you. Seeing a bill come in higher than what you were told would be upsetting. That is never the experience we want for you to have with us. I know if I was in your shoes I would be upset and looking for answers too! Rest assured you have come to the correct place to make sure we get to the bottom of this. We are in this together till the end!


Sometimes with the self-service discount of $10.00 for being signed up with Autopay and Ecobill it can take up to 45 days for this discount to be applied to your account. With that being said we would love to investigate your account and make sure everything is correct. For your protection do you mind sending us a private message with your full name and complete address so we can take a deeper look please? Just click on the link on this post and we will get started right away.

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