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Lies about early termination fee

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Lies about early termination fee

I had a new account for Xfinity internet for less than 30 days since the activation. During that first 30 days my brother moved his Xfinity internet account from another address to my home. The day we were ready to activate his account we called Customer Service to check if there was early termination fee for my account and were told that NO fee  because it was less than 30 days and plus the cancellation was due to the duplicate service at the same address. We then cancelled the new account in order to continue the loyalty of the moved-in account. Few days later we received a bill for service charge on the cancelled account and we talked to a Rep. She said no worry and just forgot the bill. About 3 weeks later we received another bill and were charged for the monthly service plus early termination fee on the cancelled account. Again we talked to another Rep. and were assured that she would process a ticket #052059094 for refund but nothing received so far. Several conversations were made after that with different Reps but the problem was not resolved. On 2/2/21  we talked  to a Rep and were scheduled for a call back from a Supervisor on 2/5/21. No call received on 2/5/21 so I called back and a Rep. told me to wait for a refund email after some business days but nothing received. We were so frustrated for the customer service and for the lie. If we had known about the ETF we would not cancel the new account but discontinue the moved-in account instead though we would loose the loyalty. We had spent too much time and effort to get the problem solved but it is still. The Reps we talked to seemed not digging deep enough into the account for the problem. We need solution please!

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Re: Lies about early termination fee

Hi @tn4192019, welcome to Xfinity Forums. I am sorry to hear about your experience. This is never what we want for our loyal customers. You have reached the right team of experts to get this resolved for you. Can you send me a private message with your full name and service address?


To send a private message click my username "ComcastAnna" and "Send Message" from the drop down. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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