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Xfinity app not showing Participate in Xfinity WiFi

I am a Xfinity Internet Customer. I have been trying to connect to Xfinity hotspot. Everytime I try to connect, the error I receive is - "Your Wifi is not available with your tier of service". I don't know the root cause of this issue but I have spent several days connecting to Xfinity customer service but no resolution yet. 

I have tested several things, such as upgrading device, resetting device, etc. nothing works. One day, I called one of my friend who is also a Xfinity Internet customer and logged in by using his credentials. I can get access to the wifi hotspot - "xfinitywifi". 

I figured out that there's an option called - "Participate in Xfinity WiFi" in Xfinity app. This can be enabled or disabled. In my friend's app, this can be turned on or off. In my app, it's not loading. 

Can you help me to fix this? As a Xfinity customer, I should also have access to public hotspots but this option is limitting my accessibility. 

I have seen several posts regarding the error - "your Wifi is not available with your tier of service". The solutions suggested by customer care agents are upgrading to higher plan, buying xfinity equipment, etc. I cannot trust this. I know that my friend's internet plan has lower speed than mine and he can still access. Xfinity should have expert customer agents to solve this problem. As of now, the agents are only wasting my time suggesting several options to test and none working. 

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Xfinity wifi not available with your tier of service

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