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Sun, Mar 27, 2022 4:31 PM

Xfi Pod Not Connecting


Looking for some expert help with my Xfi Gateway and Pod not syncing with each other. I received a pod about 3 weeks ago to help assist with some week signal areas in my house. Unfortunately the device will not connect. I have tried multiple locations around the house, even swapped out this pod with another one from my local xfinity store but neither of them will connect to my gateway. I have even moved my gateway to a different location. I have spend countless hours on the phone and messaging customer support but still no solution! This has become very frustrating now since I pay a lot of money for my service to have dead spots. Take note, I am not your typical customer, I have over 10 years of IT experience. I believe it may be the actual gateway but who knows??  Since all the equipment is Xfinitys, I expect it to work! This was the whole reason why I stopped using my own modem and router!

Please please help me!




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4 m ago

@user_084887. Thanks for letting us know about your pod issue! I have not seen many scenarios like this and it is definitely odd. Based on the troubleshooting done I recommend a new gateway. You can swap for one at your nearest sore or I can ship one. Let me know!



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1 m ago

Hi! Did this ever get fixed for you? Mines is doing the same thing now.  The light flashes green, then red/pink and then the app says that it can not connect.  I have tried everything you did, plus i just got a new modem last week.  Extremely frustrating.

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