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VPN connectivity with Xfinity continually dropping!

I have had xfinity for several years and am using a gig speed connection. But lately (in the last 6 months or so), my company's vpn connection keeps dropping.  It doesn't matter whether I am wired or wireless, I continue to have the same issues.  Some days, it is even worse wired than wireless.  I have checked repeatedly with our IT and they have said that the vpn is working fine, and that the issue must be with my provider.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason to when the connection will drop or how it can be reconnected.  I might go hours without an issue, only to have it drop and not be able to reconnect for hours, even though my connection to the home network is still showing connected.  Here is what I have tried so far.....  Need to get this fixed asap as it is essential to my job.

  • I have checked and rechecked all connections
  • I have rebooted both the computer and router often - no effect
  • I have disabled Advanced Security
  • I have tried working using Bridge mode.
  • I have connecting directly to the router with no other connections.
  • I have tried removing and reinstalling the VPN application (Global Protect).

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27 days ago

I've seen a speed reduction connected to my work VPN from home also the past few months. And today around 4 PM the connection dropped and I cannot reconnect unless I take my PC off my Xfinity network and use my phones AT&T as a hotspot. It looks like Comcast is having a problem today. Wife cant even connect to playstation servers but websites work fine.

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Hi @user_bxay18,


Thank you for visiting our official Xfinity Forums Community support page. I apologize that you may be experiencing issues while connected to a VPN. Have you attempted to power cycle the modem when you experience the issues to see if that helps restore the connection? 

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25 days ago

Hello @user_6olaet thanks for taking the time to create a detailed post and for troubleshooting your service. It seems like you have done all you can. The best thing we can do is schedule an appointment in this situation, especially since you're working from home. One of the most convenient ways to do this is to use the Xfinity Assistant. You can launch this from the Xfinity app, or you can use this link.




 If you type in schedule an appointment the tool will have you troubleshoot but if you follow the prompts you can get that appointment scheduled. Hopefully this can save you some valuable time now or in the future. Not only do we want to take steps to get your Xfinity internet working to the quality we all expect, but we also want to provide enhanced self-service options.  Please let us know if this helps you out. 



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14 hours ago

I was having the same issue, starting a few months ago. Just upgraded to the XB8 gateway from the xb7 and my VPN has not lost connection, yet!

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