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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 1:00 PM

Virtual Back to School and Work From Home vol. 3



Staying Protected Online


Law enforcement officials are seeing an increase in the number of people sending phishing emails with malicious attachments or links to fraudulent websites. We can help you stay cyber-savvy:

  • Avoid clicking on links and attachments in emails from sources you don’t know.
  • Do not provide any personal or financial information in an email.
  • Treat your cell phone like your computer. Scrutinize texts as you would email – phishing scams are increasingly using text.
  • Enroll in two-step verification, a security measure that helps protect online access to My Account and other Xfinity apps by requiring a verification code to sign in.

In addition, customers with an xFi Gateway get extra online protection through Xfinity xFi Advanced Security. Advanced Security helps monitor all your connected devices in real-time and alerts you when it identifies that your WiFi network is experiencing a potential threat; it helps to ensure that you don’t accidentally visit sites that are not secure, to protect you from phishing attacks, and to prevent you from downloading dangerous files; and it also blocks unknown sources from remotely accessing your devices, like home cameras or smart door locks.


You can manage which sites your kids have access to and block inappropriate content by setting up Parental Controls. Access Parental Control settings easily through the Xfinity xFi app.


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6 m ago

I would like to block roblox, minecraft and a couple others during school hours.  How do I do this?  I've already setup parental controls, but it doesn't help in this particular case.

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6 m ago

Good luck. None of their parental controls that address specific websites work. I ended up using Google Family Link to manage my kids during their days on Chromebooks at home. We only allow them to visit school sites and Family Link works great. Hopefully Xfinity fixes it sometime because I’d rather have it work at the router level.

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4 m ago

What device are you using? If it is laptop/desktop you can make a different profile with limited access, but make sure your profile is Admin AND you change the login info that your kids know. I will attach photos to try to help, but the process is rather easy. Go to setting, or just click the windows key and start typing "account", you will see an option "Add, Edit, Remove Users", click that. On the left is a menu and near the bottom is an option for "Family & other users" choose that. Click "Add a family member", choose "Create account for child", Make an email address for it and password and set any restrictions you want, like not being able to download without consent. The page where you cick "Add a family member" has a little Learn More hyperlink under it that brings you to Microsoft's page which can better explain Restrictions and Privacy settings. FYI: When it comes to access things on the computer or whatever device, it's the device's settings that will take precedence over the wifi settings, also Comcast's Parental Controls change the type of access the account you are logged into your device has. Which, if you only have one profile on that device is usually the Admin. If you want control of your home network, the devices, etc. it is not about limiting them here, it's more like you need to make one Admin profile (per device) and then another which the Admin controls. Again, it is easier than I am making it sound. Check the photos. You need to control Windows, not Comcast.

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