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Terrible routing to local game server after not having any issues for over 4 years

Need to know what can be done I stream and play games full time for a living I play Valorant at the Tier 2 level and have ALWAYS had between 15-25 ping to Chicago server from Kansas City. I moved into a new house and got xfinity because you guys are the only highspeed ISP in my area and I needed the bandwidth for my dual pc setup. I got the 2000mbs package for more than a year of paying for it not once did I ever receive anything over 1000mbs so basically was paying double for speeds from a lower package after fighting with you guys for over a year more than 10 techs, 5 of your guys modems swapped out all new lines and all the useless script reading agents on the app or phone there was a scheduled maintenance in my area at the end of June FINALLY I started receiving the speeds Ive been paying for only to log on and find out my ping on all servers has more than tripled I live in MO and get better ping to CALI servers!? and nobody no matter how many times it gets escalated has any idea what im even talking about the manager at my local store refused to talk to me because he wanted to finish his break the supervisor tech that came out said I knew more about the routing tables than he did Ive never dealt with a more incompetent company in my entire life its infuriating literally the only option I have at the moment if I want internet that works is to move or rent an office space with other ISP options unless this goes anywhere which is HIGHLY doubtful. I cant for the life of me understand that anyone at your company thinks to themselves "you know what the optimal route for someone to take from Missouri to Chicago is through Colorado to Cali then alllll the way back to Chicago"

my income is gaming and streaming and I cant even do that because of your routing tables are so [Edited: Language] and if I try to get any support from you guys I just get the trouble shooting steps from your guys scripts and then when it doesnt work their clueless on what to do. I even tried canceling my service on saturday because ive had enough and they even failed at doing that because here it is tuesday and i still have internet


UPDATE: there was an outage in my area supposedly I never lost internet access in fact my routing to my main server was fixed to going straight to chicago like normal woke up today to check and wouldnt you know it its back to being routed through colorado for no reason at all.

tracert from today

tracert from yesterdays "outage" when routing was how it has been for more than a year

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15 days ago

Did you ever get any resolution for this I’ve been battling Xfinity for over a year for paying for 2000mbs and barely getting 1000mbs FINALLY after an entire year of overpaying 5 new modems new lines 10 techs I started receiving the correct speed but then my ping on all servers close to me tripled I live in Kansas City and play Illinois servers always had 20ping now it’s 60-70 and routing to Colorado before going to Chicago instead of straight to Chicago I literally have better ping on Cali servers at 49 which used to be my highest server ping. I’m high imm3/ low rad and playing at that level with terrible ping is unbearable but I don’t have any options for other isp in my area

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13 days ago

Hi there @user_bs80ow! Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to Xfinity Support here on our Community Forum.  We are so glad to hear from you and want to help in any way that we can to address your service concerns.  No worries!  You have reached out to the right team to help get things squared away.  So that we can get started, please feel free to shoot us a private message with your details, and we can get the ball rolling for you.  .


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