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Mon, Apr 26, 2021 3:29 PM


Slow upload speed

I have been a Comcast/Xfinity internet customer for years and currently have their gigabit service. Download speed is awesome and upload speed has constantly been 40mbps - until recently. I check my internet speed all the time and yesterday I noticed my upload speed was barely 4Mbps. I have never seen it that low since I have had their internet service. 

I rebooted my gateway and home router thinking that might correct the upload speed, but it is still not any faster than 4Mbps. The system speed check on the Xfinity website shows I am getting the correct DL speed and verifies the UL speed is 4Mbps, but of course does not indicate it is a problem. I suspect contacting Xfinity and complaining about my low upload speed in this case is not going to yield any results.

Does anyone know of any policy changes to max UL speed recently that would explain this drastic reduction I am seeing? Or any reason why UL speed would be so slow compared to DL speed, which, according to Xfinity’s own test of my gateway speed is over 1100Mbps?

Thank you. 


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7 m ago

Hello and Happy Wednesday, Justric! I hope you’re having a great week! I also appreciate you taking a moment out of your day to reach out to us on our Community Forums! You’ve reached the best place and perfect person to help with virtually all of your account needs! Going forward, I'm truly sorry to hear about the poor upload speeds you're receiving with your services as I know this can be frustrating especially being one of our Gigabit customers! I noticed you have already tried doing a simple reboot on both the gateway and router however, can you please now try bypassing the router and connecting directly to the gateway via ethernet and run another speed test for me? That way we can test the true integrity of the signals coming in from the internet itself. Thanks! 



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2 m ago

I've done the same thing hardwired and can't it above 4 Mbps and I have Gigspeed as well. This is [Edited: "Language"]. 





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Please create a new topic of your own here on this board detailing your issue. Thanks. The original poster has not returned. 5-month-old dead thread now being closed.

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