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Thu, Jan 30, 2020 9:00 PM

Re: Internet goes down around the same time every day

I just changed my plan on the 21st, and it's been fine until this week... My neighbor's must have gotten something done b/c I saw the Xfinity van here recently. Since then, my internet has gone down to LESS THAN 1 MBPS (I pay for 100!!!). This happens around 8:30pm/9pm PST. This is AWFUL. It's not my modem or my router (I use my equipment and haven't changed it... my internet speed change was a downgrade for the price, not an upgrade, so I KNOW my equipment can handle it). Pretty irritating and I'm really frustrated about it. What gives? I've already restarted my modem 5x, and hard-wired internet is even worse than WiFi... both LESS THAN 1 MBPS. Hard-wired was below .5mbps. I also haven't seen the credit to my account yet for the change (made the change on billing day).


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