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Information Requested for Connection-Related Posts


Information Requested for Connection-Related Posts

Please feel free to post a question on the forums if you need help.  You’ll want to start your own topic by clicking on the “New Message” button. The troubleshooting guide may provide some useful information. 


You can watch a video on how to find your modem's power levels and event logs. It is also posted at the bottom of this page.


If you have problems with your internet dropping

Please include the following information with your post:


Please post a screenshot of your upstream and downstream signal levels. Type or into your browser to find that information.


screen.PNGSignal levels from a Motorola 6183


We are interested in your power levels (dBmV) and your Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). 


  • Post your modem’s error logs. 
  • Post the make and model of your modem/gateway.
  • Post the make and model of your router if you have one.
  • Let us know if you contacted Comcast or had a tech visit.
  • Let us know what the lights on your modem are doing when you are having problems.


If you have speed issues

Please connect your computer directly to the modem/gateway via Ethernet. (no router, no WiFi)


Then include the following information with your post:

  • A screenshot of your signal levels 
  • Post your equipment details. Make and model, please.
  • Let us know to what speed tier you subscribe.


Visit to determine your speed tier. After you log into your account, your speed tier will be displayed on the left-hand side of your screen. Alternatively, you can view the speed tier to which you are subscribed here. Sign in and scroll down to the data usage graph area. 




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