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Fri, Feb 21, 2020 12:00 PM


Re: Connection Dropping

We have been having a similar issue for about the past three week.  Coincidentally we just received a new modem from Comcast about a month ago.  The issues is intermittent.  We can go several hours or even  2 or 3 days without noticing the issue or it can occur every 10 - 30 minutes for several hours on end.  We will lose about 5 -15 pings only to some sites and then the traffic will pcik right back up.  Meanwhile continuous pings to other sites & servers are not dropped and no spike in latency.  
The issue is most noticable in online gaming as the server connection is dropped completely. Service tech confirmed signals are good. But of course the problem was not occurring when he was on site.
Wireless connection vs. hardwired does not seem to matter.  I have seen the pings dropped while patched directly into the xfinity modem.  Chat with Comcast support three days ago while the problem was occurring, and they said they could see a problem, and dispatched the tech, but the tech did not see anything.  Two days later same problem about every 20 minutes for at leaset a few hours.

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