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Friday, January 27th, 2023 9:52 PM


Port Forwarding not available for hard wired devices

My initial desire was to set up a port forward to one of my internal servers. I did this just months ago to a different internal server. To my total surprise the ability to do so has been removed from the options when browsing to the gateway's management page and going to However what you get is a message that takes to you a web page that tells you to install the xfinity app and do it from there. Ok, great... only problem is, when you get to the port forward area in the xfinity app, all you get is a drop down list of "connected devices", but this list is ONLY devices that are connected via Wifi. All hard wired network connected devices are not in the list of available devices, so a port forward cannot be set up for them. 

Will Xfinity fix this, or will this be another trip down the [Edited: "Language"] rabbit hole of a monopoly not caring about a customer and just ignoring the issue.

And before any of you "Official Xfinity Employees" reply to this, you should know I've spent over 2 hours today on the phone with Xfinity "advanced" technical support who eventually told me to go to my local Xfinity store and that they could help me.

This needs to be escalated because it is a basic feature that I was utilizing just months ago that does not work now and is preventing me from doing work.

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1 year ago

Have you confirmed this is the issue by connecting the device to your wireless network, then verifying it shows up in the list of devices? 



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Hard wired devices...which are a part of the LAN including the wireless devices. Xfinity's app will display "...ONLY devices that are connected via Wifi"The OP's ethernet connected devices probably don't have wireless connectivity as they are internal servers--probably virtual I would guess.



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1 year ago

I can confirm this to be true that Ethernet does not allow you to manage devices and especially port forward.  The web portal will allow you to see the devices where the xFi app does not.  All wired connections show in the not connected list and show as a connection type Unknown.  Notice in the xFi application it does not say see devices..  it says view WiFi equipment.

I have my suspicions as to why.  WiFi currently restricts the speed of connections to the speed of the wifi which is drastically slower than wired connection.  but if you allow people to use hardwire then they would get full network speed to that device which seems to be the obvious reason they have blocked it and act like they have no idea.  No way a company with this many routers across the country just accidently missed this.  I have also researched this all over the web and found a large number of people with this issue on this router complaining but they always ask for you to reach out to them privately for a fix then you never hear of the result.

This is very suspicious to me. 


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